Tours in foreign languages

The Centre for Civil Education invites you to get to know more about the State! It is home to the most modern Lithuanian education centre, based in the heart of the Old Town of Vilnius, Lithuanian Presidential palace. Special tours in English, Russian or French will be given on every Saturday in October, at 2 p.m. (please check the dates in the timetable below).

The slogan of the Centre is “Freedom to learn and create”, thus the visitors can get the most important insights about the functioning of a democratic state and opportunities for citizens to engage in it. You will hear more about the history of Lithuania and the current situation of the Lithuanian society, government system, and territory during the tour. To make the process of exploration even more interesting, every participant of the tour will be able to dive into the interactive exhibitions by contributing to their content while using tablets and virtual reality tools.

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The timetable of the guided tours:
October 7th – in Russian
October 14th – in French
October 21st – in English
October 28th – follow us, information soon will be updated!

We are looking forward to see you in the Centre for Civil education (Totorių street 28, Vilnius)!
Guided tours and visit in the Centre is free of charge.

10 steps guide around the exhibition

There are more than a few hundred codes to scan in the exhibition of the Centre for Civil Education. One can find pictures, videos, texts or augmented reality elements inside the codes, but to scan all of them at least in one exhibition hall would take approximately four hours. How to find the most interesting parts of the exhibition during the first visit? We invite you to try our new 10 steps guide that highlights the most important and interesting places of the exhibition as well as explains how to use certain parts of them and become a co-creator of the Centre!

We are looking forward to see you in the Centre for Civil Education every weekend from 11.00 till 18.00 (last admission is at 17.00).

The Centre is closed on 24-25th of June

Midsummer Day (also known as Saint Jonas' Festival or Saint John's Day, Rasos (Dew Holiday) and Joninės) is a folk festivalcelebrated on the night of June 23rd all around Lithuania. It is the shortest night of the year and, according to Lithuanian ancestors traditions, magical night, marking the sun’s victory against darkness.

Due to this celebration, the Centre for Civil Education will be closed on 24th and 25th of June. We kindly apologize for inconveniences and invite you to visit the Centre every Tuesday – Friday (9.00 – 16.00) and Saturday – Sunday (11.00-17.00).

LOGIN 2017: “Innovation of the Year”

In the evening of 25th, May the Lithuanian Internet Awards took place in Martynas Mažvydas’ library. The event was held for the sixth consecutive year. These awards are an inseparable part of the technology and innovation festival LOGIN where the most outstanding projects as well as non-traditional and innovative solutions are presented.

This year, internet users and commission members selected 21 winners. The Center for Civil Education received the “Innovation of the Year” nomination for the way it presents information in its exposition halls.

‘Tango is for two, while quadrille is for a team’ upon receiving the award said Rokas Kilčiauskas, who is one of the creators of the Center for Civil Education and a Processoffice architect. This brief acceptance speech illustrates one of the essential principles underlying his activity – continuous improvement by means of cooperation. More than one hundred professionals from different areas combined their efforts for the creation of the Center for Civil Education’s exposition halls; since the center’s opening its visitors have been providing their insight and in this way contributing to the creators’ work. 

Other candidates for the “Innovation of the Year” award in 2017 were Smartcall system, electric car sharing service SPARK, LRT television TV news studio and others. In 2016 this award was given to the creators of “Sky Video Pro” SKYLARK stabilization system.

A Walk in Siberia

“Mission Siberia 2016” expedition visited and maintained one of the largest Lithuanian exile cemeteries in the territory of the former USSR. Participants to the expedition traveled 5000 km from Lithuania to Igarka, where they did not only face challenges and constant work, but also found our country’s still-living history that they are determined to spread back in Lithuania.

The exhibition hall “A Walk in Siberia” introduces its visitors to an important part of the Lithuanian history and promotes civil participation. The use of various interactive tools helps to take those visiting this exposition hall to the distant region of Igarka for a moment. The exposition gives an overview of the “Mission Siberia” project, excerpts from participants’ diaries and pictures of the expedition that took place in 2016. In a nearby stop visitors can use a virtual reality headset and see how the cemetery in Iglarka or “Mission Siberia ’16” campsite looks.

According to the organizers, the exhibition encourages its visitors not to stick to scientific facts, but to feel and live the same emotions that the expedition participants experienced. In this way those who learned about deportations from history books and those who were actually exiled are connected, while each visitor of this exposition hall is encouraged not only to observe history, but to participate in it.

Nomination for innovation

On 20th of January 2017 those who were the most successful in field of tourism in 2016 were announced and awarded in the international exhibition of tourism, travel and active leisure called “Adventur”. These awards are organized by the Lithuanian State Department of Tourism and they took place for the 13th time.

Professionals in the field of tourism awarded the Centre for Civil Education with a special nomination for innovation. Last year this prize was awarded to the Modern Art Centre for its project “Vilnius Talking Statues”.

“I would like to thank 48 thousand people who visited the Centre for Civil Education. Every day they inspire us to set new goals, face new challenges and tasks” – said the head of the centre Nideta Jarockienė upon receiving the award.