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Youth Voluntary Service (YVS) is an intensive 6-month period volunteer program in which young person completes tasks in a chosen area according to the prepared plans. Citizens of Lithuania, aged 16 to 29 years, can participate in this JST program managed by the Centre for Civil Education.

Volunteers are invited to gain practical experience in three areas:

  • Exposition. The volunteer contributes to the creation and renewal of the exposition and exhibitions of the Centre for Civil Education. He or she also searches for information, translates texts into English and seeks to ensure cooperation with other institutions.
  • Communication. The volunteer helps to organize events, searches for contacts, updates information, makes visitors surveys and generates ideas for the communication plan. If necessary, the volunteer creates visual material.
  • Education. The volunteer gains practical experience in creating and conducting educational activities and contributes to improvement of these activities.

Every volunteer (regardless of a chosen area) together with the Centre employee has to spend one weekend day a month at the Centre. On that day, the volunteer communicates with the visitors, gives them information and, if necessary, leads guided tours.

Schedule - 10 hours per week. Sometimes there may be a little more hours per week (for example, that week when the volunteer has to spend a weekend day at the Centre), but hours will be adjusted the following week.

More information about volunteering at the Centre for Civil Education while participating in the YVS program can be found here.

More information on volunteering opportunities at YVS can be found here.

Registration for the second semester of this year is completed.