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Welcome to the Centre for Civil Education!

Specialists with different backgrounds and fields of interest contribute to the creation of the Centre for Civil Education. Historians, political scientists, design or information technology specialists are united by the common goal of creating a modern education space that encourages get to know and participate in the creation of the state. With the help of volunteers and interns, we are constantly growing and focusing on the improvement of our services. The aim of our team is to make every visit to the Centre for Civil Education more surprising, engaging and inspiring to rethink the personal relation between the citizen and the state.

Our team

  • Gailė Ambrazienė
    Gailė Ambrazienė
    The Head of the Centre for Civil Education
    +370 610 49692
  • Justina Baltrūnaitė
    Justina Baltrūnaitė
    Public Relations Specialist
    +370 682 88609
  • Aurimas Lukminas
    Aurimas Lukminas
    Exhibition content creator
  • Mantas Kuizinas
    Mantas Kuizinas
    +370 682 88319
  • Emilija Jasiulevičiūtė
    Emilija Jasiulevičiūtė
    +370 665 77082
  • Akvilė Tirvaitė
    Akvilė Tirvaitė
  • Evelina Mitlevič
    Evelina Mitlevič