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The Centre for Civil Education


The Centre for Civil Education is a modern educational space that opened its doors on March 10, 2016. The Centre's permanent exhibition seeks to answer questions about how a democratic state and its institutions work, how citizens can contribute to state-building and governance, and how to address issues of concern to society as a whole or to the local community. The permanent exposition of the Centre is supplemented by periodically updated thematic exhibitions introducing the most important symbols or events of statehood. The information presented at the Centre for Civil Education is created together with the visitors: with modern technologies, everyone is invited to create a personal relationship with the presented material and share opinions, turning the exhibition spaces into a forum for discussion.


People who believe in Lithuania's future and actively create it, take responsibility for themselves and their fellow citizens.


To create and promote an active and conscious relationship between citizens and the state through modern forms of information provision.


I live here - in an ever-changing Lithuania - the octagonal star chosen from the centre's logo, derived from national ornaments, announces. According to the Baltic symbolism, the square in the middle of the star means the center of the world - its own earth, its division in half marks the flow of the sun, the circle - the sun, the flow of time. The triangles at the edges of the symbol point to the four countries of the world, symbolizing constant change.


2016 Interior competition "My space". Nomination for Best Public Interior

2017 Tourism most successful in 2016. Special nomination for innovation

2017 LOGIN Awards. Nomination "Innovation of the Year"

2017 Vilnius Hospitality 2017. Nomination "Most Hospitable Museum"