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Guided tours of the Centre for Civil education

Some visitors say that if one is willing to get acquainted with all of the information, presented in the graphic codes in one of the exhibition halls, at least four hours should be spent there. A guided tour is a quick and interesting alternative for the independent exploration. During the guided tour, visitors are introduced to the most interesting parts of the exposition, supplementing the story about them with the history of the creation of the Centre for Civil Education. Accompanied by a tour guide, the participants will get to know more about the main principles of the functioning of the democratic state. In addition, with the help of tablets and interactive exhibition, each participant can independently delve into the topics of his/her personal interest. 

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes.
Guided tours are available daily in Lithuanian and English.
Guided tours are only organized for groups of at least ten people, pre-registration is required.