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Volunteering at the Centre for Civil Education is a great opportunity to contribute to the promotion of civic activities by developing personal skills and strengthening social relations. Find out more about yourself and the society, share ideas with peers and implement them!

Each volunteer of the Centre for Civil Education is an integral part of the team, creating and contributing to various activities. Volunteers are invited to choose their most interesting activity: helping with creation and renewal of the exhibition, to contribute to organizing events, engaging in communication activities, sharing ideas or even testing their skills in educational activities and guided tours. The most important volunteers’ responsibility is to help employees by presenting the exhibition for the visitors on weekends. Are you an active citizen? Get to know your state better and help others to do it too!

Are you interested in this offer? We are waiting for you to join our team: fill in the form and we will contact you!

Important: Volunteers can become only persons with Lithuanian citizenship. 


  • Lina Jankauskaitė 

    I have heard about the Centre for Civil Education since its inception, I have followed ongoing events and other activities. I visited here for the first time to do a compulsory internship and contribute to the organization’s projects. It's been almost a year since I decided to join the centre as a volunteer after compulsory internship because I felt that as an active member of society I had the power to contribute to a positive change around us. I know that even one person has a lot of power to do that, that's why I try to bring together people around me who also believe in it, and the Centre for Civil Education is a cozy, open, challenging space where you can not only get to know the state, but also contribute to its creation.

  • Dominykas Kazlauskas 

    "I love Lithuania and I want to spread that love to others" - based on this approach, I chose to volunteer at the Centre for Civil Education, and I am extremely satisfied with this decision. There is a superb, creative, and proactive team working here, and the Centre itself is an appropriate place where I feel good, because I know that direct education of young visitors, teaching something new to the elderly can contribute to the well-being of today and tomorrow’s state. Therefore, I also look at this volunteering not only as an opportunity to develop communication skills or teamwork, but also as an opportunity to learn about teaching - about my own country, principles of state’s functioning, history and the people who created it. Volunteering here is one of those experiences that will not only be an honourable record in your CV form, but it will also leave a distinct mark on your lifetime experience.

  • Gintė Sprogytė  

    During my studies, I completed my compulsory practice at the Centre for Civil Education. After the practice, the fun and valuable experience gained here encouraged me to stay - I decided to dedicate part of my time to volunteering. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to devote enough time to other activities, but the team of this Centre, their understanding and flexibility dispelled doubts. Every time you come to the Centre for Civil Education, it seems that you are entering a special space where the complex stages of Lithuania's history become much easier to understand and you want to know even more about our country. It’s endlessly fun to see visitors’ sincere smiles (they can be felt even when wearing face masks!) and to hear their impressions when visiting Centre for Civil Education. Getting acquainted with the most diverse exhibitions, stands, and exhibits enriches and brings us closer. It is so good when there is something that unites us all, which reminds us of what the nation has suffered and at the same time encourages us to appreciate what we have today. It’s good to be a single part and feel the unity.

  • Eva Ginkevičiūtė 

    While studying in the study program of Cultural History and Anthropology, I realized over time how these two components – culture and history – are important and inseparable in our daily lives. How much freedom of thought and self-realization, as a person of Lithuania and the world, one can gain from knowledge and acquaintance with them. As a result, when the Centre for Civil Education gave the opportunity to join and volunteer, not much time for doubt was needed to make the decision. For me, volunteering means giving your most important and precious resource – time – as a gift. I’m happy to share it with others, to help getting to know Lithuania, both for children and adults. It’s fun that volunteering can become such a colourful and enriching pursuit that helps me grow not only as a historian, but also as a person. This time is an invaluable experience for me.