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The painting "Today for the New Tomorrow – DNA Painting No. 1" has been opened

 The painting "Today for the New Tomorrow – DNA Painting No. 1" has been opened

Last year, on the occasion of the State and National Anthem, young researchers in the field of molecular biology presented Lithuania and its people with an unusual gift - the national anthem of Lithuania encoded in a DNA molecule with the help of future technologies. This year, geneticists Lukas Žemaitis, Ignas Galminas and painter Tadas Sokolovas present the world's first work of the synergy of future science and art - the painting "Today for the New Tomorrow – DNA Painting No. 1". The painting depicts M.K. Čiurlionis, one of the most talented creators of Lithuania, who opened the door to the world of illusions and surrealism. Chaos and elegance, scientific order and artistic anarchy intertwine in this painting.

A picture has two sides - visible and invisible. In the invisible part of the painting, for the first time in history DNA recording technology was used in paint, which encoded 196 M.K. Čiurlionis most famous works and wishes for Lithuania from the visitors of the Centre for Civil Education. Moreover, the painting opened the door to the digital art form of NFT. 

The canvas of the piece is covered with 30 different layers of acrylic and lacquer paint, which overlay each other to create a colorful, fascinating graffiti style full of inscriptions and symbols. This painting  also feature a special symbol created specifically for this project to indicate that the labeled object is encoded with DNA information. 

More information about the painting can be found here