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Voluntary or compulsory internship adds practical insights from daily situations to theoretical knowledge, acquired during studies. Would you like to test your skills as well as gain more knowledge and practical advice from the Centre for Civil Education team? Join us and put your ideas into practice!

Internship at the Centre for Civil Education is a way to take a closer look at the behind the scenes of the educational centre and to integrate into the rhythm of the team’s daily life. We offer various areas of activities for the internship, ranging from the creation and renewal of the exhibitions,  or learning to conduct educational activities and improving their content to the implementation of the communication strategy. The student spends the entire internship time together with the person in charge of the area of activity, performing the tasks assigned to them. 

We are waiting for you to join our team: fill in the form and we will contact you!

Important: Interns can become only persons with Lithuanian citizenship. 



    During the internship I realized that people are not afraid to solve puzzles. I was surprised by the visitors‘ creativity and ability to see the exposition in their own way. It was especially fun to watch how children try to find answers to different questions. Although the Centre was full of bustle almost every day, the interesting conversations, new faces and unexpected stories didn‘t let it  get too boring or tense. I often had to improvise, so I learned how to react quickly, not to delay tasks and to plan my time better. My advice for future interns: find some time to explore the exhibition. And don't forget the library!


    I came to the Centre for Civil Education from the most distant part of Lithuania – Klaipėda. It may seem a bit weird, but I was so fascinated by the uniqueness of this Centre that I couldn't resist the desire to contribute to its activities! Not only did I deepen my knowledge in the field of tourism, but I also gained a lot of wonderful experiences. During the internship I had to deal with a variety of activities, such as creating texts and visual material, disseminating it, participate in guided tours, educational activities, help to find new partners. I am very happy that I could learn from such a great team who was ready to help me every minute, even with the slightest questions.


    I chose the Centre for Civil Education as my internship place because I was fascinated by the modernity of this institution and the unique way of providing information. During the internship I had to deal with a variety of activities, such as creating text and visual material, spreading it, communicating with visitors, providing information and even presenting exhibition to pupils, what was a real challenge for me. It was also great to have a closer look to our country, its government and history. In addition, I was constantly surrounded by cheerful and helpful people. I'm glad that I was able to contribute to the activities of the Centre and become a part of such great team!


    The first time when I‘ve heard about the Centre for Civil Education was in 2017, during the lectures of Nideta Jarockienė. After the first visit here I was fascinated by the innovativeness of this place, modern attitude towards the museum educational activities and their importance for the society. Because of these reasons, I had no doubts, which place I would like to choose for my internship, and I‘m very happy with this decision. During the internship I was conducting educational activities and contributed to the creation of new programs. Now, when the period of my internship is going to an end, I feel that the Centre for Civil Education is a perfect place for those, who are dreaming, working, and creating their future today. 


    Internship at the Centre for Civil Education is quite a challenge, but you do not want to leave this place even after the internship period. While practising here, you become a part of a unique creative engine and see how many small, but important details you need to create something special. There will always be a niche where you can find yourself. If you love to create – create! If you love telling stories and interacting with people, you have complete freedom! The Centre is visited by hundreds of curious people who are eager to hear about the exhibition. If you like quiet and systematic work – just let your tutor know! At the Centre, you will always find quiet and cozy corners for work. You experience and learn a lot during the internship here: from writing texts or letters, participating in discussions or gathering information, you always feel that you are needed. One of the major benefits of the internship is the extremely warm team. There is a lot to learn in this place – Lithuanian history, politics, advertising, museums, project and initiative mentoring, customer service, administrative processes and art, but most importantly, you can learn a lot about yourself. And later, every time you come back, it feels like home.

  • Rūta Petkevičiūtė 

    I visited the Centre for Civil Education only on my third year of the university, while showing it for the freshmen of Vilnius University. Until then, I knew very little about this place, so the first impression was very good: modern, clear and comprehensible ways of presenting information allowed to get to know the country in an unexpected way. A year after my visit, I noticed an announcement of volunteering and decided to try myself in this activity. Time spent here allowed me to learn more not only about Lithuania, its history and politics, but also about advertising, daily work of the museum, customer service and administrative processes. It has also provided me with a wealth of knowledge about art, an understanding of how new exhibitions and events are organised and, most importantly, allowed me to get to know more about myself. Being guided by a wonderful mentor and surrounded by a friendly team, anyone would feel excited here: after leaving in the evening, you always want to come back the next day. I am very happy with my experience in the Centre for Civil Education. It will be fun to come back here as a visitor one day!

  • Benita Striukytė 

    When I visited the Centre for Civil Education in the autumn of 2018, I was fascinated by its idea, exhibitions, and the team. Therefore, when it was  time to choose a place for my internship, I knew it would be the Centre for Civil Education, which is a great blend of history, politics, art and technology. It is one of the most innovative and modern spaces in Lithuania, where everyone will learn something new and interesting. During my internship I gained a lot of useful experience: learned more about museum activities, creation of exhibitions, administration, organizing events, managing various media channels, creating their content and so much more. Even after the internship I will not say goodbye as I will stay there to volunteer! I am extremely happy to have the opportunity to work here and gain so much knowledge and experience.

  • Giedrė Maskeliūnaitė 

    When I started volunteering at the Centre for Civil Education, I realized that I also really want to do an internship here. Volunteering provides an opportunity to touch various activities, so I wanted to get acquainted with a specific area. I chose to do an internship in the field of exposure content and creation. During my internship, I gained information gathering, analysis skills, and developed knowledge of text writing and translation. Three months of internship have passed very quickly, during which I have gained a lot of different experiences that encourage critical thinking. I am pleased to have carried out the practice at the Centre for Civil Education, where I managed to achieve the goals set and performed interesting tasks that provided a lot of knowledge.

  • Laura Gaidamovičiūtė 

    I chose to do an internship at the Centre for Civil Education because I really liked the idea of the Centre, interactive exhibitions that provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the structure of the country in an unusual way, and the activities of the most important authorities. The direction of practice was related to the creation and updating of the content of the exposition, which was very interesting, because by searching and analyzing information on various topics I was able to deepen my knowledge related to Lithuanian history, culture, political events and other relevant topics. As a result, the tasks performed were very different and engaging. The practice provided an opportunity to look into the principles of operation of the modern Centre, contribute to the creation of exhibition content and get acquainted with a wonderful team, so I am very glad that I was able to be a part of it.

  • Emilija Lankaitė 

    I found out about the Centre for Civil Education when I was looking for an internship. I'm studying tourism management in Kaunas, so I didn't know if this place was suitable for my specialty, but I was very wrong. As soon as the internship started, I realized that here I will learn not only about the activities or functions of museums, but also many other things. The tasks were varied and interesting, and the most important thing was that I was able to observe all the activities from the inside. I had to attend events and interact with visitors. I think that everyone will find something interesting in the Centre for Civil Education. Whether you want to volunteer, to do internship or just visit as a visitor, you will always be welcomed by the people who work there, which I think gives a lot of attractiveness to the Centre itself. The internship period did not seem to prolong, and it was very interesting to have such an experience. I'm definitely going to visit the Centre many times again. 

  • Agnė Breimelytė 

    I decided to do a translation internship related to the creation and renewal of the exhibition content. Translating and editing texts is not mundane at all, because it covers a lot of areas: I had to translate about the latest technologies, history, annotations of theater, music, film and art exhibitions. The internship at the Center for Civil Education gave me an opportunity to improve myself not only in the field of translation and editing, but also as a person - I learned to plan my time better, to communicate with others precisely and coherently. Furthermore, I cannot fail to mention that the carried out work has brought inner happiness, in my case, by helping foreigners to understand the Centre's ideas and knowing that increasing number of texts and videos are becoming available to a wider audience. I am extremely happy to be able to join the Center for Civil Education and its extraordinary team.

  • Akvilė Tirvaitė 

    I came across with the possibility to do an internship at the Center for Civil Education quite unexpectedly, but I wholeheartedly accepted to try my hand in the field of education. During the internship, not only was I able to contribute to the creation and guidance of educations, but I also had the opportunity to share my knowledge with visitors about the history of Lithuania as well as help them gain a deeper understanding of how our state functions. An internship at this center allowed me to get acquainted with work in the fields of education and guided tours. To understand how fun and diverse it is, to assess how much a great team influences the work day and how important it is to test yourself in new areas.

  • Aurimas Lukminas 

    The Centre for Civil Education talks about a mature Lithuania. After all, the Centre has a clear mission to create a civic - minded, conscious society. I wanted to contribute to this mission as well, so I decided to do an internship in this place. Although I have visited the center before, I had to revisit political, social, and cultural topics again, which are presented in creative and simple manner. And also to create new ones because I chose to do an internship related with the creation of the content of the exposition. This internship sparks deeper thinking, stimulates interest, encourages to explore - in a word, to get acquainted. And further, helps to pass the knowledge on to the visitors by creating an exposition. In this way, the work makes sense not only for you, but also for a wider group of people. That continuity probably brings the greatest happiness. It is also worth mentioning the atmosphere of the center itself - in the Centre you really feel like working in the heart of Lithuania. In a very vibrant one! You admire not only the beautiful Courtyards of the Presidential Palace, but also the even more beautiful people. The team deserves praise for its dynamism, intelligence and sense of humor. So the Centre gave me in-depth knowledge of Lithuanian history and political structure, technical skills and also left a really warm memories.