Lithuania’s Independence Restoration Day
2019 Kovo 11 d. 11:00 val.

This year, we celebrate Lithuania's Independence Restoration Day having a lot of opportunities to contribute to the creation of the state. Voters have already elected new municipal councils, while preparations for upcoming referendums, elections to the European Parliament and the President of the Republic of Lithuania are still going on. However, civic participation deals not only with voting in elections, but also with our daily activities, creation and sharing of ideas. On the festive day, the Centre for Civil Education invites everyone to get some inspiration for the future from those, who have created and are still creating Lithuania!

On March 11th we invite you to participate in:

11.30 / 13.00 / 14.30 / 16.00 // Get ideas for the future visions from the past! The 45-minute exhibition "Unforgettable Futures: Visions for Lithuania’s Centenary" presents unexpected and surprising ideas created during the interwar, the occupation period and in nowadays Lithuania. We kindly offer to register in advance here.

13.30 / 15.30 // Discover the undiscovered part of the exhibition! There are several hundreds of graphic codes in the Centre for Civil Education. To go through all of them, you should spend almost 24 hours here. On March 11th, the guides of the Centre for Civil Education invite you to take a short tour: within an hour you will see the most interesting parts of the exhibition that has been poorly explored by visitors yet. We kindly offer to register in advance here.

All the day // Create a symbol of the state! Special creative workshops will wait for families with our little friends. Here, with the help of the educator, one will be able to create yellow, green and red color bracelets, symbolizing unity, pop-up postcards, tricolor windmills or birds of freedom.

On Lithuania's Independence Restoration Day, the Centre for Civil Education will be open to visitors from 11 am to 6 pm (last entry at 5 pm). The entrance and activities are free of charge.