Opening of the new exhibition

“Unforgettable Futures: Visions for Lithuania‘s Centenary“ covers a non-typical and involving stories. An interactive exhibition that will allow its visitors to experience a 100 year Lithuanian history period in less than an hour was created to commemorate and celebrate Lithuania‘s centenary.

“Unforgettable Futures: Visions for Lithuania‘s Centenary” allows its visitors to get to know the most important science, culture and politics visions coming from the interwar period, soviet occupation or current times. Special, wall mounted visualisations will create an immersive environment, while the storytelling will be heard through specially provided headphones, that will allow each visitor to customize his or her experience by selecting the most interesting visions to listen. Every visit here is a truly unique experience!

The sessions are provided in Lithuanian and English languages, the exhibition is also deaf-friendly. Due to technical specialities of the exhibition, the visit can be provided only for 30 people at once. Visitors have to book in via e-mail or phone +370 706 64094. A visit in the Centre for Civil Education and all its services are free of charge.