A Walk in Siberia

“Mission Siberia 2016” expedition visited and maintained one of the largest Lithuanian exile cemeteries in the territory of the former USSR. Participants to the expedition traveled 5000 km from Lithuania to Igarka, where they did not only face challenges and constant work, but also found our country’s still-living history that they are determined to spread back in Lithuania.

The exhibition hall “A Walk in Siberia” introduces its visitors to an important part of the Lithuanian history and promotes civil participation. The use of various interactive tools helps to take those visiting this exposition hall to the distant region of Igarka for a moment. The exposition gives an overview of the “Mission Siberia” project, excerpts from participants’ diaries and pictures of the expedition that took place in 2016. In a nearby stop visitors can use a virtual reality headset and see how the cemetery in Iglarka or “Mission Siberia ’16” campsite looks.

According to the organizers, the exhibition encourages its visitors not to stick to scientific facts, but to feel and live the same emotions that the expedition participants experienced. In this way those who learned about deportations from history books and those who were actually exiled are connected, while each visitor of this exposition hall is encouraged not only to observe history, but to participate in it.