The Lithuanian Reform Movement Sąjūdis: People who brought freedom

1988 August marked 49 years of occupation, since 1939, when Eastern Europe was secretly divided by Molotov – Ribbentrop Pact and Lithuania became part of the Soviet Union. The same year, 1988, also marked two other very important dates: June 3, when the idea of Sąjūdis was raised by one of its initiators Artūras Skučas and August 23, when hundreds thousands of people gathered at Vingis Park and openly denounced Soviet occupation.

Why did everything happen on this specific date? What actions were taken by those people, who lived under occupation for so long? Lastly, which certain events lead such a small band of intellectuals to become a major power that would later bring changes? On June 3, the Center for Civil Education invites you to get to know more about Sąjūdis and the people who brought Lithuania‘s freedom.

11.00 – 12.00 Guided tour with one of Sąjūdis initiators Artūras Skučas. 

12.00 Event for families, “Where was Sąjūdis born?”

14.00 Opening of symbolic exhibition dedicated to Sąjūdis’ 30th anniversary

14.20 Discussion with Vilnius University professor Ainė Ramonaitė

16.00 Movie “How we played revolution“ (Giedrė Žičkytė) screening (runtime – 68 minutes). After that – open discussion with the author. Special thanks to company „Just a moment“ for technical screening solutions.