LOGIN 2017: “Innovation of the Year”

In the evening of 25th, May the Lithuanian Internet Awards took place in Martynas Mažvydas’ library. The event was held for the sixth consecutive year. These awards are an inseparable part of the technology and innovation festival LOGIN where the most outstanding projects as well as non-traditional and innovative solutions are presented.

This year, internet users and commission members selected 21 winners. The Center for Civil Education received the “Innovation of the Year” nomination for the way it presents information in its exposition halls.

‘Tango is for two, while quadrille is for a team’ upon receiving the award said Rokas Kilčiauskas, who is one of the creators of the Center for Civil Education and a Processoffice architect. This brief acceptance speech illustrates one of the essential principles underlying his activity – continuous improvement by means of cooperation. More than one hundred professionals from different areas combined their efforts for the creation of the Center for Civil Education’s exposition halls; since the center’s opening its visitors have been providing their insight and in this way contributing to the creators’ work. 

Other candidates for the “Innovation of the Year” award in 2017 were Smartcall system, electric car sharing service SPARK, LRT television TV news studio and others. In 2016 this award was given to the creators of “Sky Video Pro” SKYLARK stabilization system.