Freedom to decide and act

We invite you to explore the history of the Presidential Palace – the buildings which have witnessed political developments of the Lithuanian state for ages. For over 600 years, it has been the place of residence and work for bishops and the Governor General, as well as the place where kings, tsars and emperors used to stay. That is why the palace became the seat of the President of the Republic of Lithuania in 1997.

The President is the Head of State elected directly by the people of Lithuania and is vested with the responsibility to protect and defend the interests of the Lithuanian state, represent Lithuania in its foreign relations, and care for all citizens of Lithuania as well as for their welfare.

The exposition tells how one can become a President; what the President may and may not do; and how the institution of the President functions. You will also learn about all the heads of the state of the restored, independent Lithuania. There are exhibits that speak of state awards and honours which may be awarded to honourable Lithuanian and foreign citizens, judged on nominees' merits to the state of Lithuania.